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Our Products


Traditional mirrors are too fragile to be safe in kitchens and can’t be used near heat. Our innovative MirrorKote range solves these problems with a toughened, state-of-the-art mirror that’s able to resist high temperatures.


SatinKote is an innovative new twist on the classic glass splashback. As the name suggests, this is our response to the ever-increasing demand for non-reflective matt looking glass. We developed a special low-iron, ultra-clear, super-durable 6mm glass to achieve the matte look.

bel Vetro

Bel Vetro was designed as an alternative to expensive natural finishes such as marble & porcelain sheets. Now you can create a luxurious look in your home or commercial space without lengthy time frames, worries of upkeep or the luxury price tag.


We developed a process to capture photographic images, graphics, logos and patterns directly onto 6mm low iron Grade A tempered glass. Whether it’s a landscape view for your kitchen, a stunning picture for a feature wall, or a logo for your business reception area, there are almost no limits to what we can help you achieve.


Porcelain is a large single porcelain tiles that offer exceptional performance in all areas of solid applications. Our Porcelain range are very widely used in modern interior design as excellent surfaces to match advanced modern designs and to enhance the look and feel of living spaces.

Glass Splashbacks

As WA’s largest splashback provider, our reputation for excellence has been built on designing, manufacturing and installing high quality coloured glass splashbacks for both commercial and residential applications.

Shower Screens

Our shower screens keep with the popular design of minimalist bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t obscure a beautiful shower with an aluminium framework – create that seamless look instead. Our screens deliver the full value of your frameless shower screen, making it look elegant and act as a feature in your home.

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For all the information you need about WA GlassKote and our glass printing services, call us on (08) 9303 9256 or contact us online. Speak directly to our experts about your glass printing design choices, and we’ll be glad to provide all the help and practical guidance you need.