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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't glass be painted using normal paint?
Our research shows that no paint manufacturer actively promotes or for that matter recommends that its paint be used on glass. Glass is quite an unusual substrate to work with because of its chemical makeup. So the answer is, that only proprietary glass paints should be used. This way you can ensure that it will chemically bond to the glass and provide a durable and lasting finish.
How do I know the GlassKote process is durable?
There’s nothing more compelling than a track record. GlassKote has been installed in Australia for over 25 years and has enjoyed an excellent reputation. It is used in the most grueling environments including wet and humid areas without any trouble. The product has been used extensively on exterior spandrel applications on buildings in Australia; a location with plenty of sun and high temperatures. GlassKote is currently sold in more than 22 countries worldwide and is backed up by a solid applicator warranty.
How is GlassKote different than other coloured glass products?
There are essentially three ways to colour glass; by coating one surface, through adding minerals and other pigments to molten glass during manufacturing, and by laminating two or more pieces of glass with a colored material sandwiched in between. The problem with laminated technologies is that their appearance isn’t always good (the depth and quality of the colour), the edges are not attractive, the material can be difficult to work, the types of glass are limited and may not support tempered glass, and most importantly, it is very expensive. Colouring molten glass is often not suitable since it is translucent, there are only a handful of colour options, and it’s also very expensive. When it comes to colour coatings for glass, several have come and gone, but none stand up to GlassKote. There simply has not been a product that demonstrates the durability, appearance, colour range, or overall quality of GlassKote. See for yourself by asking for samples of products, and try to scratch or abrade the coating. You’ll quickly discover the GlassKote difference. So the short answer is that GlassKote provides the most attractive appearance, best durability, and highest value of any glass colouring process on the market.
How should I choose a glass colour coating product?
There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing a colour coating process and product: a). How long has the product been in use? Can you personally visit an installation that is 10+ years old? If not, can you really trust the durability? b). How does the product look in samples? Is there a real depth and richness to the colour? c). How does the product stand up to testing? Such testing includes scratching / adhesion, water immersion, boiling etc. Normal house paint will look good on glass for a while, but it will peel and crack over time. Even automotive paint will come off of glass if soaked in water. You shouldn’t be fooled by the appearance only. d). Is the product safe? What type of chemicals does it contain? e). What is the warranty? Will the company stand behind their work? It tells you a lot about their faith in the product? f). What kind of support does the company provide? What is your pre-sales experience like? Is the company responsive? What happens if the company goes away? Can you source the product from more than one company?
What's the standard warranty?
WA GlassKote has now installed over 35,000 splashbacks in the Perth market over the past 15 years. This is why we offer a 10 year unconditional warranty against delamination and discolouration. Some companies diminish the value of the warranty over the 10-year period so if for example you claim a warranty in year 10 you may end up with as little as 10% towards the cost of a replacement. Ours is full new for old.
Does any company warrant against splashback breakage?
WA GlassKote only uses Grade A toughened safety glass and we’re so confident with our product we are the only company in Australia that offers a conditional* 1 year warranty against splashback breakage however it was caused.
What is Sparkle Coat?
Sparkle coats consist of a sparkle flake mixed into a clear base paint. This is applied first and left to dry overnight. Once dry, solid colour is sprayed over the top. This provides a glistening effect to any of the solid colours. Black sparkle is by far the most popular. A metallic paint consists of a metallic flake that also has a tinted colour within it. No backup colour is required, other than an opacifying coat.

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